Servo Motors

Lafert Electric Motors (Australia) Pty. Ltd supply and service a wide range of motors used in industrial environments, including servo. Servo motors are electric with an in-built rotation sensor, which is the reason they are so important for use in robotics. A servo motor can be used to facilitate intelligent movement because it is able to transmit information regarding the degree of the motor's rotation on its axis, thus allowing the robot to remain aware of the position of its appendages. However, these motors aren't only used in robotics, they are also employed extensively to control the movement of boats, aeroplanes and remote-controlled models and toys. Whether it's a model train, boat, plane or chopper, no remote control vehicle can operate without this motor.

Servo motor has three wire connections: one to the power source, one to the ground and one to the control. Power must be applied to it from a constant source. This motor draws the current from the power lead in order to operate itself.

These motors are formed from four different elements: a DC motor, a position-sensing device (such as a potentiometer), a gear reduction unit and a control circuit. All of these items work together to enable the motor to receive control signals that represent the desired output of the servo shaft and power the DC motor until its shaft is turned to the right position. The shaft in these motors doesn't rotate as freely as those in regular DC motors, it is only able to turn around 200 degrees in either direction. The position-sensing device in servo determines the rotation of the shaft and thus the way the motor needs to turn in order to arrive at the desired position.

There are many different kinds of servo motor that offer a range of different qualities and advantages in terms of speed, strength, precision, break load, motion type, bearing type, gearbox type, motor type, size and weight. The decision regarding what selection is made in these categories can be determined by budget and the demands of the industry in which the motor must operate.

Lafert Electric Motors (Australia) Pty. Ltd offer a range of these motors including servo motors with integrated drives and controllers and linear servo motors, meaning that there's an option suitable for any industry that requires a servo motor's capacity for sensitive operation. A servo motor is an essential requirement for use in driving control valves, in steam turbines, in commercial and model aircraft, machine tools, in vehicle cruise control and many other contexts where dynamic response is required. To find out more about Lafert Electric Motors (Australia) Pty. Ltd selection of servo motors and speak to an expert about how your operations could benefit from servo motor technology, call us on 9546 7515.